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Immune Stimulator CORVIRAL-Strong Immune System, Health,Herbal Extracts,Anti-flu

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Immune Stimulator CORVIRAL-Strong Immune System, Health,Herbal Extracts,Anti-flu

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Immune Stimulator CORVIRAL-Strong Immune System, Health,Herbal Extracts,Anti-flu




Corviral is a herbal supplement that increases immunity and resistance to infections and influenza conditions.

A completely natural formula that helps the body with viral diseases, fatigue and flu. Strengthens the immune system and defenses. The herbs and vitamins in the complex act synergistically (have a stronger and complementary effect together) and accordingly the end result is present.

Corviral is a great ally in periods of flu or as a prophylactic. It is also suitable for intense workouts, helps with recovery and general fitness.

One of the key ingridients that make Corviral so powerful in fighting flu and infection is the Cinchona. Cinchona has been historically sought after for its medicinal value, as the bark of several species yields quinine and other alkaloids that were the only effective treatments agains malaria.

Cinchona is a tree. People use the bark to make medicine.

Cinchona is used for increasing appetite; promoting the release of digestive juices; and treating bloating, fullness, and other stomach problems. It is also used for blood vessel disorders including hemoroids,varicose veins, andleg cramps. Some people use cinchona for mild attacks of influenza,swine flu, thecommon cold,malaria, and fever.

Cinchona is used in eye lotions to numb pain, kill germs, and as an astringent. Cinchona extract is also applied to the skin for hemorhhoids, stimulating hair growth, and managing varicose veins.


HOW TO USE: Take 1-2 capsules as a food supplement three times a day. For optimum effect, take capsules with water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose (of 6 capsules per day).


CORVIRAL COMPOSITION IN ONE DAILY DOSAGE: (applies to 1 gelatin capsule):

Glycyrrhiza glabra / - 50 mg
Artemisia annua - 50 mg
Cinchona spp leaf extract. - 50 mg
Hawthorn extract / Crataegus / - 40 mg
Dandelion extract / Taraxum / - 40 mg
Vitamin C / Ascorbic acid / - 40 mg
D-D-Galacturonic acid / DGalacturonic Acid / - 40 mg
Pectin from apples - 40 mg
Bitter orange / Citrus aurantium / - 20 mg
Zingiber officinale / - 10 mg
Radix isatidis / - 10 mg
Lycoris radix / - 10 mg
Lindera aggregate / - 10 mg
Dye sickle / Isatis indigotica / - 5 mg
Torreya nucifera / - 5 mg
Mushroom extract / Pelargonium / - 5 mg
Zinc / - 3.25 mg
Sodium Celenite / Sodium Selenite / - 25 mcg

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.     
 This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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